ASTR 2115: General Astronomy

Prof. Diana Dragomir
Office: PAIS 3226

Description of the class

Astronomy 2115 is a general astronomy course at a greater level of detail than is covered in Astronomy 101. ASTR 2110 and 2115 are also the first required ASTR classes for BS Astrophysics majors. ASTR 2115 is also required for the BA in Physics and Astrophysics. This spring course will describe the nature of the Universe starting with stars and working up through star clusters, galaxies, clusters of galaxies and superclusters. Black holes, pulsars, supernovae, dark matter, the expanding Universe and other fascinating astronomical topics will also be explored. We will use math and physics as we explore the Universe.


The detailed syllabus can be found here.

Tentative Schedule

Date Lecture Notes Reading HW Due
Week 1
Ch 1 and 5

Week 2
Ch 5 and 16
HW 1 (due 01/28)
Week 3
Ch 16 and 17
HW 2 (due 02/04)
Week 4
Ch 17 and 18
HW 3 (due 02/11)
Week 5
Post main sequence evolution
Low mass stars

Ch 19 and 20

Week 6

High mass stars
Neutron stars

Ch 20 and 21
HW 4 (due 02/23)
Week 7

Black holes

Ch 21

Week 8

Midterm Exam (3/9)

Week 9
Spring Break

Week 10

Gamma Ray Bursts

Ch 21

Week 11

Milky Way; Galaxies

Ch 22 and 23

Week 12

Active galaxies; Quasars

Ch 24

Week 13

Clusters; Large Scale Structure

Ch 24

Week 14


Ch 25

Week 15

Cosmic Dawn; Early Universe
Ch 26

Week 16
End of the Universe
Ch 26

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